Project Members: Juan Miguel Gonzales

Founding member of Konfort Records, since 2001. Based on established structures and very far from searching musical precision, Zofa works on minimalist sound explorations in electronic music, programming and synthesis, analogical beats and sampling, thus facing analog and digital musical sources. Sonically treating each section of his tracks, Zofa tries to conceptualize and show a new conception of dancefloor music. His work is based on unusual audio samples, shaped into urban sonic architectures. Zofa has collaborated with a long list of artist from the DF and Mexican scene, achieving new mixtures of influences with some of them, and releasing some of his experimental work on Konfort Records. Without forgetting the human side, Zofa takes the whole studio treatment to his live performances, playing with synthesizers, samplers, analogical beatboxes and effects processers. He has performed at several festivals – Festival Interface (Puebla City), Festival Mutek Mexico, etc. –, art galleries and museums (Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Museo Rufino Tamayo, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Fundación Jumex, etc.), and places like Madrid, Barcelona and Tokyo (Spiral Key). Zofa was executive producers of the first Konfort Records compilations, laying the project’s foundations and heading its development through his initiative and work, showing audiences another musical alternative.

The word "dancefloor" might evoke a lot of concepts, like predictable structures, stereotypes or repetitive formulas. . . exactly what Zofa is not. His music is a serious exploration of synthesis, programming and sampling looking forward a new way to express dance music, a fascination for minimalism and techno music.


V/A. Maximas Texturas 002, 2001
Minimas Texturas 005, 2002
Minimas Texturas 007, 2002
Urbe Probeta, 2003
Minimas Texturas 009, 2004
5.0 Electrónica Mexicana Contemporánea, 2008


Zofa. Consumer Type (live), Filtro, MX, 2004.
Private , Net Release, Yuki Yaki, DE, 2006.
Thanks for N0theen, Net Release, N0theen, HU, 2009.