Project Members: Jorge Govea

He was born in Mexico City the 29th September 1976, graduate from the State University in Graphic Design “Cetis 2”. At 15 years old he began his rock music career. At the same time, he had many different and interesting jobs like: flower seller, water and flower private distributor, clothes seller, waiter, Stand-designer, assembler, marketing and advertising. Besides, his interest in the acoustic and analog instruments, in 1998 he started to experiment with “field recording” and noises focused on electronic music. He was the founder of “Estudios idEA” in Mexico. In 2000 he is one of the producers of the Independent Electronic Music Community “Chillandgo” and “Discos Konfort” in Mexico. He currently lives in Paris.

Winner of the 2004 La Banda Elástica Music Award for Best Latin Electronica. Nominated also as Best New Latin Alternative Artist.


      V/A. Minimas Texturas 001, 2001
      V/A. Maximas Texturas 002, 2001
      V/A. Maximas Texturas 006, 2002
      Wakal. Pop Street Sound, 2003
      V/A. Urbe Probeta, 2003
      V/A. The Now Sound of Mexico, 2004
      Wakal. Remixes Paisano, 2006
      Wakal. Desvia Si On Again, 2006
      V/A. KLA (Konfort LatinAmerica), 2009 



"En la Ciudad de México sobresale el trabajo de Wakal como una muestra de música cibernética cocinada en la urbe más apocalíptica del planeta. Su receta consistió en capturar distintos ambientes urbanos: mercados, transportes colectivos, calles y con ellos trabajar piezas electrónicas." Enrique Blanc: "Latintrónica" (2008)