Project Members
: Hector Zarate

The music of Hector Zarate alternates between evocative melancholy and dark experimentation. Most of his musical outputs denotes a nostalgic sound surprising for such a young person (he is only nineteen!). But besides his fun explorations into click and cuts, hZ is also capable of machine-like algorithmic experimentation, as can be heard on his track "Sweet Porno", from Data. Perhaps because of his training in computer engineering, his compositions elegantly combine natural melodies with mathematically coordinated beats and noises.
Hector also
loves photography.


      Klipp. Cd. de México, 2005
      V/A. DATA, 2007
      V/A. 5.0 Electrónica Mexicana Contemporánea, 2008
      Héctor Zarate. Living Undercover, 2008


     V/A. iSummit 06' , DVD, Creative Commons, US, 2006.
     V/A. Elektronic Space 2 , Net Release, Electro-Space, US, 2006.
     Hector Zarate. An Upcoming Summer , Net Release, Cyan Recs, MX, 2007.
     V.A.. Breathe Comp 01 , Net Release, Breathe Comp, MX, 2008.
     V.A.. Fifteen Sounds of the War on the Poor, vol.2 , Net Release, Public Record, US, 2009