Project Members: Hugo de la Torre

Cezna is the Hugo de la Torre flying device, inhabitant of Mexicali, Baja California Mex. For him the music has been his only goal. In the 90’s he was very fond of concerts with bands such as OMD and Love & Rockets, always watching, always listening. He played a long time the guitar with a darkie band at the 90’s beginnings, to take after the drums under the name of Hugo Daunbit playing in some festivals and sharing stage with bands, deejays and producers of all kinds.
About the middle of 2004 he decided not to live off someone and he starts to look for his own sound, a congruent understanding with his own musical background, this would take him to inhumanize battery breaks and to press pads with deep and repetitive tones, showing us a techno mix with some acoustic and emotional traces that was compiled in four tracks of his first homonymous EP Cezna, distributed by Discos Konfort in the Summer of 2005.
Nowadays he is producing new tracks for the launching of a forthcoming complete album, feeding it with everything he watches and listens that can leave something to think about, a loop in his mix.