Project Members: Ulises Arvizu

Ulises Arvizu aka Arkitekto is a young multimedia artist whose musical and visual talents represent the new generation of artists in our label. His techno-based music is loyal to minimalism and denotes the kind of precise construction characteristic of an architect, more than a musician. Inheritor of the pulses and clicks of earlier minimal techno producers in our country, Arkitekto brings a new vitality to the scene. His sophisticated designs have also enriched our new look, designing album covers, flyers and other visuals for us.
When not making music and visuals, Ulises works at an important publishing house in Mexico.



      V/A, Frequencias 2507 (shift_03), 2007
      V/A, Sottovoce E.P. (shift_04), 2007
      Arkitekto, Aurea EP,
 Natural Media 09, Argentina, 2007
Shift, Monographic 12, INQ, Spain, 2008